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About Us

Committed to providing instant access to information for all people, Aira Tech Corp. was founded in 2014. Furthering the company’s vision to transform daily life for people who are blind or low vision so they can fully engage, explore and experience their world, Aira Tech Corp. established the Do More Foundation in 2018. By inviting the community to participate in this vision through charitable contributions, the Do More Foundation and its donors are pioneers of an inclusive world where all people benefit from robust technology solutions that lead to independence and empowerment.

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Do More Foundation is to support and advance transformative technological solutions that transcend accessibility and empower people who are blind or low vision.

The vision of the Do More Foundation is a world wherein detailed visual information is available instantly to people who are blind, allowing seamless navigation from task to task, destination to destination. Where once barriers existed for people who are blind or visually impaired, clear pathways now dominate the landscape. To make this vision a reality, we support the technology-driven solutions of Aira Tech Corp. By disseminating these solutions to the people who need them, independence and inclusiveness abound. We partner with the people who use this technology, as well as educators, industry experts and community leaders in order to provide comprehensive, experiential solutions for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is grounded in equality and inclusiveness for all, because these mores lead to empowerment. When people are empowered independence is certain allowing exploration and innovation to flow. We strive for excellence in all we do because the people we serve deserve only the very best.

Equality and Inclusiveness that lead to Empowerment

The Do More Foundation is fostering a movement of equality, a level playing field where opportunities are open to all people regardless of their abilities. There is no “dis”-ability. There is just you with all your talents, dreams, ideas, ambition. What you bring to the playing field is unique. It is wonder-filled because there is no one else quite like you.

Our culture is inclusive and accessible to all. From our online resources to the technology we support to the people we engage, its all for one and one for all.

From equality comes inclusiveness and therein lies empowerment. We strive to support people using AI and AR so you can do more you and live your dream. Let’s go.

Independence that leads to Exploration and Innovation

You are going places. Independently. Through AI and AR, the opportunities are endless. We encourage and support technology that fosters independence.

We learn by doing and doing comes from exploration. We seek opportunities to learn more about the people we serve, how they use technology and what needs matter most to them. Through exploring the capacity of AI and AR alongside those we serve, we can provide more so you can do more.


Our vision is best supported by innovative leadership and solutions. We are always searching for better, more innovative methods to serve our constituents. From advanced online giving platforms to AI and AR solutions, we stand for advancement and excellence.


We expect nothing less than excellence from ourselves. Period. And we can always do more. So can you.

Our Philanthropy

The Do More Foundation conducts fundraising globally from individual prospects, foundations, corporations and other organizations having guidelines that support our mission. The Do More Foundation adheres to ethical standards set forth by the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) and conducts stewardship and donor relations as outlined in the AFP Donor Bill of Rights.

Donor Bill of Rights